Quality, traceability and reporting form the 3 pillars of Objective WMS for the process industry. You will optimise your logistics processes from gate to gate. You will use your space to best advantage and you will be 100% sure of your stock level and quality at any given moment. Your customers will also be satisfied: you will always have the correct orders delivered at the right time and at the correct place.

Logistics excellence in the process industry

Make your logistics organisation into your company's trump card. Experience has shown that the ROI of an Objective WMS implementation is not longer than eighteen months. As from this moment, the counter will run in your favour. Objective WMS allows you to be excellent on a logistics level. Through a better use of your warehouse, people and resources, Objective WMS will assist you to achieve quantifiable advantages such as the following (figures are based on realised projects)

  • Time reduction for data entry by 75%
  • Volume increase of 8% with 27% fewer man hours
  • Productivity increase by 22%
  • Average reduction of Work in Progress by 32%
  • Stock reduction by 30%

Quality guarantee with a capital Q

Quality is essential in the process industry. Legislation is so strict that  sound quality control is necessary to assure your customers that contamination is (basically) impossible. Upon arrival, raw materials are sampled, inspected and given a unique serial number. It will have been defined which entry checks must be performed for each product.

The results of these checks are included in the quality module of the WMS system. This ensures you have a sound quality system and you will get insight real time into quality statuses.

Real-time traceability and international standards

Objective WMS meets the GS1 standard and complies with international standards such as BRC, FDA, HACCP, GMP, 21CFR11, General Food Law (GFL), etc.
All required information is exported by scanning the GS1 barcode. This significantly reduces the error load and increases the reception speed. The lot "family history" will be built up automatically because of this real time registration of all your stock movements in your warehouse. Any recalls will be strictly demarcated due to this and, therefore, the impact and costs will be limited to a minimum.

The use of Objective WMS & MES allows you to guarantee the full sound traceability of your supply chain from gate to gate. A must in the process industry.

Appropriate reporting and analysis

As the manager or supervisor in the warehouse, you want to know how things stand at a glance

  • Whether your organisation can handle the current workload.
  • Whether there are people or resources that you need to reallocate.
  • Whether there are deliveries that you must give priority to.

You will have unequivocal and correct information about KPIs such as processed volumes, the efficiency of your employees, correct and timely deliveries and the pick frequency of items because of the extensive reporting and analysis options of Objective WMS. You can, therefore, benchmark your performance at any time when compared to the reference figures.


The right product at the right moment at the right location... This sounds simple but it is not. How will you manage your production and logistics efficiently and in an integrated manner?

The Objective suite makes the difference in this area.  In 1996, we started as one of very few in Europe to develop a best-of-breed MES and WMS solution.  Now, 20 years later, Objective is your dedicated partner to tow your company towards logistics and manufacturing excellence because of the many implementations, extensive functions and the built-up market knowledge.

Your supply chain will become your best trump card within your organisation with Objective WMS & MES.