Tailor-made Supply Chain Systems

You will get the most from your production machine with Objective MES (Manufacturing Execution System). You start from a detailed planning board, you manage operators and machines to best advantage and you analyse your performance and quality real time.

Quality, traceability and reporting form the 3 pillars of Objective WMS for the process industry. You will optimise your logistics processes from gate to gate. You will use your space to best advantage and you will be 100% sure of your stock level and quality at any given moment. Your customers will also be satisfied: you will always have the correct orders delivered at the right time and at the correct place.

Objective product suite

Objective Product Suite
  • Paniflower - Full traceability and accurate price calculations
    We can monitor the cost price and quality of our products in detail thanks to Objective
    Ronny Verhé, Plant Manager
  • Milcobel - Up-to-date and true stock picture
    The delivery level on the requested delivery data has risen significantly
    Pieter Vantieghem - Supply Chain Manager
  • La Lorraine - OEE tells everything
    We have a real time view of the efficiency on the work floor with Objective MES
    Marc Vanherpe, COO
    La Lorraine Bakery Group
  • Bakery de Paauw - Real-time traceability
    I found the collaboration with Objective very pleasant. Objective is open to the wishes and input from the company itself but also gives clear advice when you need to go in a certain direction.
    Allard Vervoort, Management Team
    Brood- en Banketbakkerij H.B. De Paauw B.V.


Astra Sweets
De paauw
Dr. Oetker
Jan Dupont
Jules DeStrooper
La Lorraine