You will get the most from your production machine with Objective MES (Manufacturing Execution System). You start from a detailed planning board, you manage operators and machines to best advantage and you analyse your performance and quality real time.

Manufacturing excellence in the process industry

The process industry is characterised by its focus on (food) safety and quality assuranceNational and international acts and directives form the playing field in which you move. In addition, the growing impact of your sales market is also an issue. Retailers have taken up the driver's seat more and more often and you have rather become the passenger. Exceedingly tight margins, keeping costs under control and producing high-quality products in the most efficient manner. That's what it's all about in your business. And this is exactly where Objective MES offers a huge added value.

Manufacturing Excellence for the process industry, that is booking progress with regard to:

  • The optimisation of your productivity
  • Speed and flexibility towards customers
  • Quality assurance and improvement
  • Machine and people efficiency
  • Use of energy and utilities
  • Reduction of WIP, stock, waste, scrap and rework
  • 100% product safety and traceability

Paperless production: fewer errors and a higher efficiency

The working situation and organisation are radically optimised with Objective MES. Production orders on paper... this is old hat. Everything runs through Objective MES. It, for example, offers specific logon options for each operator with specific rights and functions. The Objective screens only display the relevant information for the logged on operator. In addition, electronic instructions, photos, etc. are, for example, provided to guarantee a correct task execution. Paperwork and errors are prevented by logging the data directly through the operator screen. 

The automatically registered data is collected in a central database. This ensures that isolated information that provides little added value can be avoided. You will, at any given moment, see the status of your production and will, therefore, obtain optimum planning and efficiency.

Advanced planning and scheduling: deploying your resources optimally

You can create an efficient production planning manually or automatically  with the planning module of Objective MES where the availability of machines, resources and people is taken into account.

The automatic scheduler will  generate a planning proposal that is most in line with the predefined KPIs based on algorithms. Once the optimal planning has been achieved, operations will be released to the work floor and will be tracked and traced real time in the planning board. 

Real time monitoring of your production performance, machine status and quality

One of the core tasks of Objective MES is  supervising and managing the performance of the production department real time. All relevant production data and information will be accepted, processed and visualised through dashboards.

In addition to defining the performance of the production process, the analysis of the performance losses is also a true added value. Objective MES offers useful Pareto analysis functions for this that allow you to zoom in on faults and interruptions from different angles. Objective MES also, of course, allows you to capture and analyse quality data.

In short: Objective MES means that you will have unequivocal and correct information about KPIs such as yield, rework, cycle times, OEE, reasons for machine shutdowns, material consumption levels, efficiency of operators, etc. You can, therefore, benchmark your performance at any given time in comparison with the reference figures.


The right product at the right moment at the right location... This sounds simple but it is not. How will you manage your production and logistics efficiently and in an integrated manner?

The Objective suite makes the difference in this area.  In 1996, we started as one of very few in Europe to develop a best-of-breed MES and WMS solution.  Now, 20 years later, Objective is your dedicated partner to tow your company towards logistics and manufacturing excellence because of the many implementations, extensive functions and the built-up market knowledge.

Your supply chain will become your best trump card within your organisation with Objective WMS & MES.