Objective supports raw material reception, storage and production logistics in addition to production operations
Danny Lenders - Group ICT Manager

astra sweets

Astra Sweets produces different types of sweets of a high quality. The parent company is established in Turnhout (Belgium). In addition, there are production locations Breda and Harlingen in the Netherlands. Astra Sweets has grown from being a small-scale cottage industry enterprise into a company with advanced production and packaging machines. 
The range of sweets consists of all types of gums, liquorice, peppermints, marshmallows, sherbet-filled flying saucers and foam sweets that are sold all over the world. 


  • Correct shutdown registration
  • OEE on an order, item and machine level
  • Monitoring of indirect tasks (maintenance and cleaning orders, experiences and training)
  • Making the correct sweets with the right ingredients and in accordance with the correct parameters
  • Achieving higher production volumes


Astra Sweets decided to have a phased implementation of Objective WMS and Objective MES linked to their ERP system. All production and logistics operations now run synchronously.

  • Managing product operations
  • Registering goods reception and storage (SSCC labelling)
  • Supporting production logistics
  • Recipe management
  • Monitoring machine performance (OEE)
  • Managing packaging lines 


  • 100% traceability
  • Higher machine efficiency
  • Better quality
  • Less waste
  • Fewer errors
  • Higher service level