Serial number management is an effective way to track components and final products, providing visibility into manufacturing and greater efficiencies.
It can seem quite daunting when considering what it would take to integrate production data in order to optimize your factory floor. But we also know the benefits that can come from the integration and digitization of data. We know without this integration we cannot manufacture just what is needed...
Learn how three critical measures are impacting your OEE productivity and eliminate the most common causes of machine-related productivity loss.
It is often said that multitasking is not productive and therefore unsuccessful, but we do it continuously. Just look at a production floor; there, multiple processes are performed simultaneously to create a highly complex product within very tight deadlines. As a result, there is often no insight into the optimal control of processes, minimal tracking of resources or a clear assessment of the efficiency. To have more control over the processes, machines and operators and hence on the quality of your products, changing into a one-piece flow digital factory is critical.