Objective International: European leader in the areas of WMS and MES

Objective International, established in 1996, offers standard software solutions for the optimisation of production (Manufacturing Execution System) and logistics operations (Warehouse Management System). Objective International is today a leading European Supply Chain Execution supplier within the make and process industry.

More than 250 references call on the Objective software suite globally to ensure that their production and logistics are managed more efficiently.

Objective employees focus on the added value for your organisation. We supply more than software solutions. Objective equals fast ROI through smart solutions and an innovative approach.

Objective International Corporate video 2017 EN

The Objective values

In addition to a clear engagement for a good board, Objective uses four important values that reflect for whom we operate and for what we stand. These values are professionalism, customer focus, trust and collaboration. Every employee has and experiences these values as an Objective DNA.


Every Objective employee exudes professionalism and is accurate and efficient. We are always looking for the best for our customers and employees and we always aim for the highest quality for our solutions and services based on our professionalism. 

Customer focus: 

We 'go' the full mile for that which is good for our customers. Every day we make every effort to ensure customer preferences are given the highest priority with regard to our concepts and what we do. Their satisfaction is what drives us. 


We believe that trust is a fundamental condition for a successful organisation. We empower our employees to make the right choices, and trust that they are always open, honest and respectful towards their colleagues, customers and all interested parties.


Success depends on collaboration: both internal and external collaboration. This is what ensures that our customers improve and our organisation can grow to a higher level.

Investing in Innovation

Innovation is in our genes. For 20 years now. We are trailblazers always in search for what can be done better. We ensure our people are and stay on-board. Our employees grab the opportunities that they get to develop continuously. Decisive market knowledge and research combined with an efficient R&D division always creates new insights and levels the playing field for innovative solutions and insights. We can always offer our customers the best solution for their target market and our feedback is fast because of this focus on innovation. 

We have the best WMS/MES combination on the European market and we want to strengthen this position even more. Innovation plays an essential role within this context.